Refund and Cancellation Policy

Refund and Cancellation Policy

In the event that You desire a refund on any amount that has been debited from Your DRIVERS24X7 Wallet, please email or call  on 8750080303 and make a refund request clearly explaining the circumstances of your refund request.
Where We determine that a refund request is valid, We shall make reasonable efforts to grant the refund request and return the requisite funds to Your DRIVERS24X7 Wallet.
Please note that RBI regulations do not permit Us to refund any balance existing in Your DRIVERS24X7 wallet back to You since this is a Closed Wallet.
In case Your DRIVERS24X7 Wallet is erroneously loaded / reloaded, after assessing the validity of the written request from You, We shall process to credit the funds to the same source from where these were received.
We will make reasonable efforts to respond to Your refund request at the earliest. Please note that We will not be responsible for delays, which may be caused by any third parties such as banks and Merchants, on whom We rely while processing Your refund request or delay caused in the case of any or any force majeure events which are beyond Our reasonable control. Therefore, We bear no liability for the processing of the refund requests.


You may have the right to initiate a chargeback request in accordance with the terms and conditions of Your debit or credit card scheme or your bank account. Please note that Your chargeback request will be processed by Your debit/ credit card provider or your bank and not by Us. Therefore, We bear no liability for the processing of the chargeback requests.
We reserve the right to review Your Account and transaction history pursuant to a chargeback request, in order to determine the occurrence of fraud. If We have any reason to believe that there has been fraudulent activity on Your Account, We reserve the right to terminate, block or suspend Your Account with immediate effect.


DRIVERS24X7drivers will wait no more than 15 minutes from the requested trip start time, before they start the trip timer.
You can cancel a driver service booking any time through DRIVERS24X7 App or Website but may be charged a cancellation fee if you cancel after the driver is already on the way.
All refund amounts shall be credited to Buyer’s account as may be stipulated as per the payment mechanism of Buyer’s choice, the estimated timelines are detailed as below, in case Buyer don't choose to credit it to Buyer’s wallet with his/her DU Wallet Account;
Order Edit /Cancellation/Compensation/Payment Failure

Payment Method Refund Source TAT
Net Banking Source 5-7 Business Days
Debit/Credit Cards Source 5-7 Business Days
UPI Source 1-2 days